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I made this sauce as a glaze for a meatloaf. Yes, I know I write a lot about them. My mom makes a great meatloaf with duck sauce on top. Always build on old recipes and take them in new directions, even if they are delicious.

1. I started with Duck sauce (3/10). Good classic glaze, but not multi-dimensional.

2. Duck sauce is sweet, so something tangy may provide an appealing contrast: Dash of Apple cider vinegar

3. So far, we’ve stimulated the sweet and sour region of the mouth. For salty, I added ketchup (2/10) (Yes I know there’s lots of sugar too)

4. These are three strong flavors on the palate. Sometimes, a subtle, deep flavor can act as a backdrop for a dish, linking its elements: Molasses (2/10). It also gave the sauce a nice color.

5. What about texture? I added some canned crushed pineapple (2/10) and pineapple chunks. The acid adds brightness to the sauce and a pretty appearance.

6. Some things have no reason. We bought creamed coconut (1/10) for some drinks and had extra. I’ve been wanting to use it in some dish, yet realized that it could make the sauce really good or, possibly, a complete disaster.

The sauce turned out great. It was sweet, but not treacly (disgustingly sweet). The molasses gave it a pleasantly caramelized and roasted flavor. However, the pièce de résistance was the coconut flavor. I don’t know why, but I think the flavor and aroma is so fresh tasting.  Try the sauce and see if you can describe why the coconut makes it. I would put this on chicken, meatloaf, and maybe ribs. It would make a good dipping sauce too.

My only regret about the sauce was not making enough. Oh yeah, and not measuring my ingredients!

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