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Greek Burger with Asparagus Spears

BGR The Burger Joint should not be associated with other burger joints that you may know. It is a soiree for the senses. What are the sounds of BGR?: the chitchat of satisfied customers and the frizzle-sizzle of dry aged quality beef on an eager grill. It’s also not as cheap as an average burger joint; a meal can easily cost you $20. But I knew, at the counter, that BGR is something special. Both the vivacious crimson tomatoes and the special spinning devices for buttering buns made me feel this way.

We ordered and were given a buzzer: a good sign for a burger joint. It essentially means: “We take our time to grill fresh burgers every time. We don’t want you drooling near the counter and tapping your foot, so go sit your butt down and we’ll call you when we’re ready.”

Greek Burger with Sweet Potato Fries

When I first met my burger, it gaped at me, revealing a charred lamb patty, crumbly feta cheese, a tomato slice and a lettuce leaf, nestled under a grilled bun. The whole ensemble seemed to boast its modesty.

I took a bite and smiled. The first thing that I tasted was the lamb patty: artfully seasoned with cumin and garlic and actually cooked how I ordered it—medium rare! Although, I couldn’t taste the meat, I would not have changed any spect of the patty. The tzatziki sauce kept the spices of the burger in check, and the feta cheese gave the burger a pungent, yet clean texture and flavor.

The asparagus spears were a tasty and surprisingly satisfying replacement for fries. They weren’t colorless and flaccid like lesser asparagus dishes. The sweet potato fries were plentiful and outstanding. These aren’t your average thin, shriveled strips of salty sweet potato; they’re thick, modestly seasoned and —what can I say—sweet potatoey.

The Wellington Burger

The Wellington was—well, god (no, this is not a misspelling of good). I’m not catholic, but if a christian tried this, I’m sure he would have a new understanding of the body of Christ. Unfortunately, the burger is more expensive than the conventional cracker that is used. Roasted mushrooms, caramelized onions, garlic, blue cheese, mojo sauce and black truffles. I couldn’t believe how, in a plain-looking burger, so many flavors could  melt together to create one colossal flavor. The BAM was big enough to make Emeril cry. With more truffle flavor than anything I’ve ever tasted, the Wellington really can give you back your mojo. If that doesn’t do it, there’s a nine pounder on the menu!




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