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21090 Saint Andrews Boulevard
Boca Raton, FL 33433
(561) 361-8244

Italian food in America has gone well beyond spaghetti and meatballs. Although faux bistros and unauthentic italian restaurants are abundant, Maggiano’s in Boca Raton Florida understands something about Italian cuisine. Maggiano’s makes every meal feel like a special occasion. High ceilings, deep wood paneling, black and white photographs, and fancy wine cabinets elevate the establishment to a status of elegance and taste. Live easy-listening music is a plus as well.

When i tasted the olive oil, I knew I was going to enjoy the meal. It was full of body and color and had a strong fruity flavor. With some simple roasted garlic, it was a perfect match with crusty bread. Maggiano’s is known for its family-style service (large portions that the whole family can share). However, anyone can order individual meals off the menu. Looking around the room, I saw people of all ages conversing and having a good time. After a brief moment of people-watching, the Caesar salad came. Salads are sometimes prepared negligently; sometimes even by inexperienced members of the kitchn staff. The Maggiano’s Caesar was crisp and green with an appropriate coating of dressing.

I had beef Braciole (pronounced “brajole”), “beef cutlets stuffed and rolled with ground beef, Asiago cheese, Focaccia and italian vegetables, slow-cooked in a red wine tomato sauce” and served with a fettucini. I was able to eat without worry knowing that the vegetables were Italian. The waiter lifted the lid to the casserole, releasing the earthy aroma from a rosemary sprig. 10% of our tasting experience is devoted to smell. The texture of the dish was disturbing because the beef cutlets were not tender and the beef mixture inside was reminiscent of over-cooked hamburger meat. Nonetheless, the stuffing did meld, in flavor, with the cutlets. I appreciated the al dente pasta and beans as well as the rustic presentation.

My grandfather had veal parmesan which was tender with a light, yet crunchy breadcrumb coating (veal is much more flavorful than chicken). Any parmesan preparation that does not follow the sequence: meat-sauce cheese should not even be tasted. My dad ordered a Lasagna the size of a skyscraper in flavor-city. Besides the added flavor from the pork, the Lasagna was average and slightly dry… just exponentially larger. My sister’s pasta dish was the best: Rigatoni “D”. The pasta was cooked with chicken, caramelized onions, mushrooms, and a Marsala cream sauce. the pasta was obviously cooked fresh because the sauce stuck to the pasta because of the starch still remaining from boiling. The chicken was tender and the sauce was light and rich at the same time. The dish was laced with intricate layers of flavor; it was composed of a creamy foundation, added depth from wine, and a sharp final touch from parmesan cheese. There are Maggiano’s locations in over 20 states, so it’s quite possible to get a taste of italy near you.

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