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Duck confit with dirty rice and citrus gastrique from Herbsaint

I worked the carving station and had to serve this T-Rex meat. Really just a cow's thigh.

Crabcakes and crawfish sauce from Oceana Grill

Crawfish tails, basil-fed snails, with tasso ham, herbs, wild mushrooms, and grits. I could actually taste a hint of basil.

Roasted shrimp in skirts of shredded phyllo with barbecue shrimp sauce, roasted pineapple & young coconut slaw. This was outside at night, so the picture looks terrible, but it was unbelievable

Purty tart made in pastry

Look what I happened to find

Po'boy 3 ways at Stanley. Fried ersters, korean BBQ and chicken caesar

Best Oysters in New Orleans are from Drago's. They were sizzling when I got them.

Creole tomatoes taste better than they look.

Panna Cotta with berries, lavender-infused blueberry pureé with champagne geleé, dark chocolate mousse, and pavlova with fresh fruit and strawberry sauce

Opera cake with gold leaf

Key Lime Pie tarts with bruleéd meringue

Crawfish boil at Acme oyster house. Not really my thing to suck seasoned water out of a crawfish head.

Blow torch!

Playing with fire. Rum+ Fire+Cinnamon

Plated dessert: coffee pot de creme, citrus mascarpone, poached pair, and rum spice cake

Port of Call burger and baked potato. Pretty good...for the South

Irene's Cuisine soft shell crab with crawfish reggiano, ribbons of pasta, roma tomatoes and sauteéd spinach. 🙂 So good.

Frickin' Good Chicken in the Hood. Willie-Mae's chicken is rated the best in the country. The moment was too personal to delineate on this blog.

You'd never know.

Why did I order blackened avocado's at a place that is famous for seafood? I just really like avocado.

Chef had an idea for this heart-stopping sandwich in the shower.

Veal parmesan from Mandinas. I think they treat portions based on how much fits on a plate. The meatball was baseball size and there must have been three onions used to make the onion rings.

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Turtle Soup with a bit of Sherry. Tastes like beef.

Salmon with shrimp, spinach & crabmeat over risotto with dill cream sauce. Not my mamas salmon.

Crepes with a cream cheese, brandy pecan stuffing with strawberry sauce...if you like that sorta thing

Everything is set up for an Indian wedding

I forgot what this is called, but it looks pretty cool

Brie wrapped in puff pastry with a fleur-de-lis

I co-worked the shrimp and grits station at the wedding. It's no wonder why it was the favorite dish of the night.

sesame-crusted tuna hors d'oeuvre

The Court Of The Two Sisters. Boy, was this outdoor seating a find!

chicken breast served over potato mash and steamed asparagus, topped with lump crabmeat and tasso hollandaise. French has never tasted so light!

I got down with my soul at Lil' Dizzy's. I guess that's what was making those strange sounds from my stomach later. Just kidding. Sorry about the bad picture, I didn't like the meal enough to spend the time editing.

Muffalleta featured on Throwdown! with Bobby Flay. This was the half size. Half a boat! It's basically an italian sub with some olives.

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Rabbit and Dumplings at Cochon. The chef is a James Beard Award winner. I watched the dish bubbly in a blazing wood-fire oven. It was served to me in a skillet, rich and satisfying.

At the Roosevelt, I worked on salmon roullades, rolls of smoked salmon and cream cheese on rye bread with microgreens and dill, for a wedding.

Weirdest hors d'oeuvre ever. crab and mango salad in a curry-flavored cone.

Run-of-the-mill day in the French Quarter

impromptu mini street parade. I don't think any streets were closed off

A multitude of blinis topped with creme fraiche and caviar, garnished with brunoise chives, egg whites, egg yolks, and shallots for an event

pork pate for the breakfast buffet.

strawberries and prosciutto at brunch buffet.

Ceviche. Luckily, we have a peruvian in garde manger.

carpaccio with pickled red onions, parmesan, and spinach chiffonade.

What a spread!

Shrimps and ersters. Did I mention it's all-you can eat?

The Blue Room. I really don't want to list all of the famous musicians that performed or got there start here.

Rabbit tagliattele from John Besh's Domenica. I can't remember if I enjoyed it; I ate it too quickly

He can pull off "pizze" too.

Olivier's. Best corn bread I've ever had. I asked the waitress if she could get me the recipe. She went to the kitchen, returned, and said, "We use the Jiffy box recipe." So disillusioned.

Duck breast and plum port sauce at Oliviers. It was overcooked and the sauce tasted like artificial jam. I sent it back.

Much better! Half roasted chicken and corn maque choux. Good homestyle cookin. Lay off the dried herbs though!

Meatloaf at Besh's American Sector. Made with brisket, cooked low and slow, and mayhaw—like a cranberry, but less tart—tomato sauce with mashed potatoes, gravy, and crisp haricot verts.

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My first cooked oyster from Felix's as per the Roosevelt's concierge recommendation! Broiled to perfection in a butter sauce. The creamy oysters melted in my mouth and bursted with flavor. I only ate the borderline stale bread to sop up the butter.

Red fish at Mr. B's. Grilled simply with asparagus and roasted potatoes, it was bland and not satisfying. Considering how much I paid, it was a major disappointment.

Linguini pasta tossed with fresh spinach and garlic in a garlic scampi sauce. well-seasoned fried oysters were perfect when eaten with the pasta.

No. I do not want a foot massage. I feel like when one asian starts a business, the rest have to follow suit. There are tons of these in NOLA

Napoleon House invented the Pimms cup. The restaurant looks like an 18th century home with a beautiful outdoor square. The Roast beef Po'boy with debris was the first thing in my life that I enjoyed because of its messiness.

Beautiful. Right? And to think people are nibbling on bruschetta a few steps from bourbon st.

The only problem I had with Napoleon House. He's no longer living so it's time to update the Napoleon-size bathtub

I get to work here? I think I'm gonna like it here, Annie. Italian mosaic by the way. It also took two men 18 months to polish the chandeliers

I'm spending time here by the way. August treats salads like the Buckingham Palace Gardens

Can I have fries with that?

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