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The Soufflé is a light, spongy baked dish that has mystified people for decades. It may surprise you that, although soufflés are very delicate things and little changes affect the product, they are still easy to make and are a treat to eat. Soufflé means to burst. That’s exactly what it looks like.


  • 1 huge, 2 medium, or 3 small Sweet Potatoes (I had 1 huge)
  • 1/2 cup cream/milk/non-dairy creamer
  • 2 tablespoons butter/non-dairy butter
  • 5 eggs
  • cinnamin
  • pecans or walnuts
  • white sugar and brown sugar

1. Peel the Sweet potatoes, cut into cubes, and boil until fork tender. Mash or whip with 1/2 cups of cream and 2 tablespoons of butter. Add about 3-6 teaspoons of sugar. I used three to make a slightly sweet soufflé as a side dish. Use more if you want a dessert soufflé (even 6 teaspoons is very low). Sprinkle with cinnamon and salt.

2. Separate 5 eggs into yolks and whites. Mix two yolks into the mash.

3. To the whites, add a pinch of salt and a 1/2 teaspoon of cream of tartar if you have it. Cream of tartar stabilizes the protein in the eggs. The protein is what forms the spheres around the air bubbles, so cream of tartar just strengthens that casing.

4. Use an electric mixer to whip the whites. Whip on low for two minutes, on medium for two minutes, and on high until you can make peaks that hold their shape. Try tilting the bowl and putting the beater (at an angle) deep into the whites without touching the bottom. The angle of the beater pushes air into the whites to create fluff. Touching the bottom just pops the lovely air bubbles.

5. Fold the whites gently with the sweet potatoes. Pour into a WELL-buttered, large ramekin. Use a spatula to draw a large circle in the mixture. This allows the center to rise even higher.  Preheat the oven to 400°.

6. Melt some butter and brown sugar in a pan and add chopped walnuts or whole pecans. I added both. These candies nuts make a great topping for the soufflé. Place in the middle of the oven and bake for 25-30 minutes. Please do not peak until the very end. Serve immediately. The faster you eat it, the lighter it is.

Try experimenting with this dish. You can make it as sweet as you want. You can also make soufflés with spinach and cheese like a quiche. Next time, Instead of chocolate cake, make a thinner batter and fold in lots of egg whites. You’ve just created a lighter, healthier dessert with more of a WOW factor. Definitely top with whip cream for desserts!

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